Mulamoottil Eye Hospital (MEH) is one of the most reputed eye care centres in India. A team of qualified and well-experienced doctors, modern facilities, and the latest equipment for diagnosis and treatment ensure the best in eye care.

The Hospital provides advanced cataract treatment facilities, including Laser Cataract Surgery (blade-free), Micro-Cataract Surgery and Keyhole Cataract Surgery. It is the first, and only centre in Kerala to offer Blade-Free Laser Cataract Surgery.

MEH offers totally blade-free LASIK for myopia, long sight and astigmatism. It is also the second hospital in the country to have this modern facility viz. Alcon Wavelight Refractive Suite. This helps people to get rid of glasses. However, the most important thing that differentiates MEH is that it provides the best eye care at nominal rates without compromising on the quality and standard of treatment. MEH occupies around 50,000 square feet of floor area in 6 floors. It is the largest eye hospital in Kerala, catering to over 6000 patients per month.