Various ventures of the retail division of Mulamoottil will be a major attraction in the Travancore region of Kerala soon. The plan is to start with the home turf, Kozhencherry, and to gradually spread to the neighbouring towns and cities. Mulamoottil reckons the potential Retail offers, and is bound to establish a strong presence.

Mulamoottil Retail will start the journey with Atlantiz Mall.

Essentials at Atlantiz Mall

Essentials is a one-stop-shop for all household as well as personal needs. Affordable pricing and impeccable quality are the differentiators for Essentials.

Farmer Market at Atlantiz Mall

Not just the freshest of fruits and vegetables, Farmer Market offers the finest meats, wide array of cheese, tempting bakery products and much more.

Baby Store at Atlantiz Mall

The Store will provide superior quality, baby-friendly products at reasonable rates. The plan is to create an inventory of 5000 Indian as well as international brands for the age group 0-3 years.

Bookwormz at Atlantiz Mall

A place for author-reader interaction, a place where authors and poets hold court and kids take first step towards becoming bibliophiles. A place to read, a place to seek knowledge, above all, a place to get enlightened. There is music, magazines, toys stationeries and even gift items, hardware and accessories.

Food Court at Atlantiz Mall

A global experience at a local level, that’s the Food Court. Luxurious meals to the basic meals, north Indian to continental, home taste to tastes not experienced before, the Court will have it all.

Game Zone at Atlantiz Mall

Just a few minutes of a game or a birthday bash that lasts hours, the Game Zone is open to them all. World-class indoor play centres, exclusively designed for children aged 6 months to 14 years are in the pipeline.

VIP Lounge at Atlantiz Mall

Plaza Premium Group, a pioneer and the market leader in airport lounge services will be operating the Lounge within the Atlantiz Mall for the Mulamoottil Group.