Mulamoottil Securities strives to multiply wealth in a safe way. The service includes offers Stock Market Investment, Dematerialization Facilities and other services related to trading.

Many fruitful partnerships with industry leaders have resulted in specialised services such as Insurance, Forex, Travel Planning, and Money Transfers. These specialised offerings are categorised under a new. exciting brand – Adyzor.


Adyzor Policy

Clients can pick from a plethora of investment options available in the market. Adyzor Policy can help them decide where to invest and get maximum benefits.

Adyzor Wealth

Integrated financial service firm that specialises in offering an array of customised solutions to individual and institutional investors.

Adyzor Forex

Buy, sell and manage foreign currency of various denominations, at the best rates, with quick and secure banking transactions.

Adyzor Travel

Travel to some of the most desired destinations in the world. Pick from among a choice of exceptional itineraries to explore some hidden places.