Sri.Mulamoottil Mathan Mathai

Mulamoottil is an illustrious family from the Pathanamthitta district of Kerala. The founding fathers of Mulamoottil were convinced that they had a responsibility towards the prosperity of the society they lived in. They ensured that everything was done for future generations to carry this vision forward. So, they remained rooted in their Karma Bhoomi which they defined as an area close to their ancestral tharavaadu (home) in Kozhencherry.

Traditionally, the family was involved in money-lending activities. However, after starting the Ayurvedic Eye Hospital in 1885, they have come to be known as a family of Ayurvedic eye physicians.

Recognising the need and potential for a path-breaking financial venture to stabilise the financial needs of rural people, the successors of the family began focusing on the financial business.

But when the latest successor of the Mulamoottil family, Dr. Ashley Thomas Jacob realised his mission to provide quality modern eye care treatment, he established Mulamoottil Eye Hospital.

True to the family tradition, the Group is growing and expanding at a rapid pace, venturing into education, airline, and untapped segments of hospitality and farming in recent years.