Empowered women as the engine of change.

Molly Jacob, one of the directors of Mulamoottil Group, is absolutely determined on empowering the women in society. She firmly believes that, they, as the bedrock of the family can bring about transformational changes, and that Mulamoottil must do everything within its ambit to empower them. Her decades of service at the YWCA and interaction with women at all levels had provided her with a unique perspective on the role of women in strengthening a family unit, and how that translates into a healthier, happier society.

The concept was rather simple, but like most simple ideas, powerful. She was, and still is, determined on providing jobs to women so that they can take care of the fundamental expenses of a family. This includes food and education of children. Naturally, anything that the male member of the family earns becomes savings for the family. At worst, the family can sustain itself even without that considering how deep alcoholism runs in society, and a lot of earning male members squander their earnings.

At Mulamoottil, we are proud to have given wings to that call to action. Roughly 94% of our staff in all our institutions are women and importantly, around 37% of them are the sole earning members.