Dr. Ashley Thomas Jacob
Vice-Chairman & CEO, Mulamoottil Group

Message from the CEO

Greetings from Mulamoottil!

Thanks to the immeasurable support of the people of Kerala, we have grown into a multispecialty conglomerate over the past several decades.

The Mulamoottil brand has several companies and firms under its umbrella.

Mulamoottil Financiers Ltd. with roots in the 1800s and formalised in 1993 has been a thought-leader in Financial Services over the past decades and it continues to deliver new and outstanding financial products to many of the “unbanked” rural populations of Kerala. It is a lifeline for the fishing, farming and coastal communities in Kerala. MFL has a great focus on the MSME sector with numerous products catering to that segment.

Mulamoottil Eye Hospital continues to be a pioneer and flagbearer of innovation in eye care. Founded in 1885 as a traditional Ayurvedic centre, the modern version of the hospital carries forward the legacy of our forefathers and is considered as one of the best eye care facilities in India.

Mulamoottil Central School has nurtured young minds for over a decade. It is one of the few schools affiliated to the ICSE board built in the lap of lush green nature amalgamated with some of the pioneering and pathbreaking teaching methods. Our new MCS2050 digital initiative offers seamless online classes on demand. We are committed to developing the future leaders of the world.

Mulamoottil Nidhi Ltd is one of the most digitized financial services companies in Kerala serving the community with multiple offerings like savings account, recurring deposits and gold loans.

Mulamoottil Securities Ltd has several pathbreaking digital offerings like insurance, travel advisory, foreign exchange, movie tickets, share trading and dematerialisation services under the exciting brand – ADYZOR.

Mulamoottil Hospitality and Mulamoottil Retail are the new initiatives that are poised to usher in revolutionary innovations in the way central Travancore dines and shops.

Our growth would not have been possible without your trust and confidence. I thank you for that.

Looking forward to your continued trust and partnership.

Warm Regards,

Dr. Ashley

MBBS, MS (Ophth), DNB (Ophth), M.Ch (Ophth), MRCOphth (London), FICO, FRSH EMBA (IIT - Bombay, SJMSOM), MBA (Olin Business School, WUSTL, USA), SELP (Harvard Business School, USA) Medical Director, Mulamoottil Eye Hospital

Vice-Chairman & CEO, Mulamoottil Group
Corporate Advisory Board Member (IIT-Bombay & Washington University at St.Louis)
Strategic Advisor – Olin Business School, MO, US